jonathan stegall

Nov 21

What Screens Want by Frank Chimero -

Just like any material, screens have affordances. Much like wood, I believe screens have grain: a certain way they’ve grown and matured that describes how they want to be treated. The grain is what gives the material its identity and tells you the best way to use it. Figure out the grain, and you know how to natively design for screens.

And we’ve tried. Oh god, we’ve tried. Unfortunately, the discussion around screen-native design feels a bit stunted in its current form. We’re stuck in a pendulum swing.

Nov 07

Tufts Magazine / fall 2013 -

There’s never been an America, but rather several Americas—each a distinct nation. There are eleven nations today. Each looks at violence, as well as everything else, in its own way.

Oct 30

Happy Birthday, Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living | Brain Pickings -

I share these here not because they apply to every life and offer some sort of blueprint to existence, but in the hope that they might benefit your own journey in some small way, bring you closer to your own center, or even simply invite you to reflect on your own sense of purpose.

Oct 28

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses | Wired Business | -

For the time being, we can see what the future looks like in places like Juárez Correa’s classroom. We can also see that change will not come easily.

Oct 23

Meetings: The Canary in the Culture Coal Mine -

Meetings in organizations surface some of the best and the worst of these habits, all bundled into a complex package. For a troubled team, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place than a meeting to expose tensions between the actual and advertised culture.

Rosenfeld Media | UX Method of the Week: UX Project Plan -

A UX project plan is your blueprint for how you’re going to conduct UX activities. Not to be confused with the overall project plan (which is usually owned by a project manager or program manager), a UX project plan helps you think about how UX work will integrate with the broader project timeline.

Oct 16

Flat UI and Forms · An A List Apart Article -

The problem is that most flat UIs are built with a focus on the provision of content, with transactional components (i.e., forms) receiving very little attention. What happens when flat and forms collide? User experiences can, and often do, suffer.

Oct 14

Six Words You Should Hear Today -

Rather than praising or critiquing their performances at swim meets, recitals, and soccer games, she began pulling her children close, and simply whispering, “I love to watch you swim,” “I love to hear you sing,” “I love to hear your read,” “I love to watch you play.”

Oct 12

Service Design Tools | Communication methods supporting design processes -

An open collection of communication tools used in design processes that deal with complex systems.

Oct 11

Moltmann Monday returns! | Danielle ShroyerDanielle Shroyer -

Some brilliant thoughts from Moltmann on why he doesn’t do theodicy, and on what the cross means to God.